Wild Goose Games


A Subsidiary of Wild Goose Development


We are a small developer consisting of a virtual staff of programmers, 2D/3D artists and sound engineers providing 3rd party product design and development for engineering projects and coin-operated amusement devices.




Commercial (Coin-Op) Slot Car Racing System


Design of the electronics hardware, embedded software and networking system for 1/32 scale commercial slot racing system, controlling slot cars in standalone and tournament configurations for Raceway Entertainment Systems, LLC.


Racing system prior to its redesign and the addition of our architected racing system. (Revised pictures will be available soon!)


Front view of developer board.


Back view of developer board.

(Note 50 miles of wiring.)


Logic (Rabbit 2000 based) board without sound daughter board.

Four lane track power board.


Four lane induction sensor board.


Four lane sensor test assemblys.

Paired Scoreboard. Note LED cluster back lights and tachometers. (Front View)


(Back View)

Legacy chip Stereo Audio board piggy backs onto logic board. Designed to be upgradeable with alternate audio chip and built in amplifier.



One of four LCD boards (Front View).


(Back View)

Power Board exerciser.

Sensor board monitor.




Audio I/F Test Tool


An audio zone control testing tool.




USB Audio I/F Test Tool


An internal Win32 based test tool designed to test a USB Audio Interface by generating a variable sine wave at a specified frequency and then displaying the received stereo waveforms.





VIASM (Visual Inverse Assembler)


Symbolic Visual Inverse Assembler (VIASM), an interactive GUI based code disassembler designed with processor plug-ins. Allows binary code to be converted into symbolic source code.


w/6502 Plug-in.


w/Z180 Plug-in



Amusement (Arcade) Machine - “Bingo”


Amusement Bingo game developed for Xplosive Enterprises, Inc.


Pentium IV version uses XP, and the Direct X packages; Direct 3D and Direct Sound. The development system uses the following emulation controller that we designed.


Commercial chassis emulator. Rabbit 2000 based. (Front View)

(Rear View).


Legacy twin Z180 processor version uses, VGA character set graphics and sound blaster audio.




Developer Test Board.





Advertisement Surfing Game


This is a screen snapshot of an Advertisement Surfing Game currently under development.





Ahem! Yes, I know, the head is missing!

The shark ate it!



“High Iron” MMOG




(A joint venture between)


Backshop Games


Wild Goose Games



An online train strategy game utilizing 3D graphics rendering and real time interactivity for PC using Direct 3D.




…and other projects.


contact: info@wildgoosegames.com


Employment:  We are currently not hiring at this time!


Wild Goose Games is currently located in Thousand Oaks, CA.